La Malfa to Resign

State Senator Doug La Malfa, a candidate for Congress in November, announced today that he would resign from the state legislature at the end of tonight’s session. His early departure allows for the consolidation of the Special Election with the General Election, saving counties millions of dollars on voter guide and ballot printing costs, as […]


The vote counts in the AD-04 Special Election in 2011 were corrected today to reflect the counts as printed in the June 2012 Statement of Vote (released friday). Previously, the data on JoinCalifornia reflected the vote tallies as they were released in the Final Election Night Update. Elections officials still have nearly a month after […]

Senate Vote Counts

Just taking a quick look at the vote totals for the 40 current State Senators. Some things to note; 1) Nine of the top ten highest vote counts are from odd-numbered districts. Senators odd-numbered districts tend to win with a higher numbers of votes than those from even-numbered districts. This is due to the higher […]