Fletcher Changes Registration Again

Nathan Fletcher

Former Cunningham staffer Nathan Fletcher has announced that he has again changed his registration, this time from No Party Preference to Democrat. JoinCalifornia has been updated to reflect that change.

Last March, while campaigning for Mayor of San Diego, the former Republican Assemblyman changed his registration from Republican to No Party Preference in a move that surprised many. The current move, while not nearly as surprising, was much more confusing.

Although some (including myself) speculated that this move is an early attempt to position himself for the 2014 elections, Fletcher claimed to not be seeking any office at this time. Which is probably true, but also probably subject to change in the next six months.

Amos P. Catlin Park in Folsom

Much appreciation to Steve McCarthy (of the State Senate) for finding this

Amos Catlin Park in Folsom was named for the early legislator (and member of the State Board of Equalization) whose 50-year political career ranged from the early days of California’s “Wild West” politics, through the reforms of the 1870s to the turn of the century.

Catlin Park has been added to Senator Catlin‘s biography on JoinCalifornia.com

Big Daddy’s Vacation Photos

We don’t see new pictures like this very often… these vacation photos were taken on a trip that Speaker Jesse Unruh (also known as “Big Daddy”) took to Japan.

These photos were included in a collection of items recently donated by the estate of Senator Leroy F. Greene.


Unruh inspects pearl necklaces at an oyster farm.Unruh inspects pearl necklaces at an oyster farm.

Assembly Speaker Jesse Unruh at the controls of a Shinkansen high-speed train in Japan.Big Daddy drives the Bullet Train

Jesse Unruh in JapanDinnertime!

Jesse Unruh and Leroy Greene right the light rail in JapanSenator Greene with Jesse Unruh make riding the light rail seem cool.

Jesse Unruh on a train in JapanTrain Ride!

Candid photo of Jesse Unruh on a Japanese trainTrain Ride Conversations

Jesse Unruh hails a cab.Big Daddy Hails a Cab

Jesse Unruh and Leroy Green visit a Japanese school.Senator Greene and Speaker Unruh with Japanese schoolchildren

Jesse Unruh beside a "0 Series Shinkansen" high-speed train in Japan.Embracing High-Speed Rail (or at least, leaning against it)