2014 Election Statistics

On December 12th, the Secretary of State published the Statement of Vote for the 2014 General Election. Following a review of the numbers, some great

  • Levine

    Marc Levine won his race with more votes than any other Assembly candidate. In fact, Levine got more votes (105,636) in his race than 12 of the Senators got in theirs (they represent twice the population).


  • Marc Levine also got more votes than Assemblymembers Cheryl Brown, Patty Lopez, Miguel Santiago and Rudy Salas Jr. combined.


  • Nobody came close to breaking recent (since 2000) records for most/least votes by Statewide, St Senate, Congress, or Assembly candidates. The current records are held by Bill Lockyer (who got 5,433,508 votes running for Treasurer in 2010), Mark Leno (326,755 votes running for State Senate in 2008), Nancy Pelosi (253,709 votes running for Congress in 2012), and Ted Gaines (who received 166,736 votes in his campaign for Assembly in 2008; more than anyone else ever).


  • Voter turnout in 2014 was very low, and on average, in the 2014 election returning Assembly candidates (winners & losers) got 63% of the votes they got in 2012. Only three incumbents running for reelection received more votes than they received in 2012: Rob Bonta, Levine and Frank Bigelow.


  • Ten State Senate candidates lost with more votes than Andy Vidak (who won in SD-14) and ten State Senate won with fewer votes than Roger Dickinson (who lost in SD-06).


  • Sbranti

    In the Assembly, 71% of the members won with fewer votes than Tim Sbranti received in his losing campaign for AD-16. Alternatively, 80% of losing Assembly candidates in 2014 received more votes than Miguel Santiago did in his race (he won).


  •  2014 was CA’s first general election where more candidates won than lost. Of the 320 partisan candidates, 164 won and 156 lost.


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