Price Resignation Letter

Current Price resigned from the State Senate this morning, concluding his service with the longest resignation letter in more than a decade. At 240 words, Price’s letter is the longest since Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas resigned the very same seat in 2009 (but used an extra 56 words to do it.

From a historian’s perspective, Price did it right. He used his letter (which will be printed in the Senate Journal) to define what he felt were the high points of his legislative career and his hopes for the future, in addition to the official “I hereby resign effective…” part.

Compared to his 2009 resignation from the Assembly (a 50-word letter that communicated only the minimum technical details of his departure), Price’s 2013 letter was a well and carefully reasoned farewell letter to the institution where he had served for five years.

Senator Price

June 30, 2013

Dear President Pro Tem Steinberg

I hereby resign effective June 30, 2013 from the California State Senate to be sworn in as Los Angeles City Councilman for City Council District 9.
Representing the 26th Senate District these past five years in the California State Senate has been the most gratifying experience of my decades-long career in public service.
Under your leadership, we were able to pass the kind of laws that not only protect the interests of all Californians but also improve the quality of life for generations to come.
As you know I have a keen interest in small business development and while serving in the Legislature I authored legislation that increased opportunities for small businesses to compete for state contracts and offered incentives for creating new jobs.
This type of legislation sparks economic growth, encourages innovation, opens the doors for diversity in public contracting and stimulates our state’s economy. I also successfully carried bills that expanded health care, increased educational opportunities, promoted civic engagement and supported the Arts. I am proud of these accomplishments.
While I am sad about leaving the Senate, I am excited about going home. I was born in the 9th District of Los Angeles and I have seen that community suffer a serious decline.
I know the skills I have learned in my years working with you and under your able leadership will help me build the consensus and momentum that is necessary to create a “New 9th District”.

Curren Price Jr.

Well done, Senator Price!

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