Candidate Tracking Report (6/8/2012)

Election 2012 Coverage

With the counting of primary votes all but over, we are providing an update to our earlier candidate list. Not counting the six presidential candidates, there are 300 candidates who will appear on the 2012 General Election ballot. This number may change with the addition of a handful of candidates who ran as write-ins during the primary in races that had only one candidate on the ballot.

US Senate (1 Seat; 2 Candidates)
1 Democrat
1 Republican

Congress (53 Seats; 105 Candidates)
56 Democrats
45 Republicans
4 No Party Preference

State Senate (20 Seats; 37 Candidates)
22 Democrats
15 Republicans

State Assembly (80 Seats; 156 Candidates)
86 Democrats
67 Republicans
3 No Party Preference

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