Virgil Goode wins Constitution Party nomination. Nevermind.

Former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode became the Constitution Party nominee for President at the party’s national convention in Nashville on Saturday.

Updated: 4/22/2012 (8:55 p.m.): Nevermind. I had forgotten about the AIP’s 2008 Civil War. In 2008, the AIP disaffiliated from the national Constitution Party and became part of the national America’s Party. From my interpretation of the various Wikipedia pages, the AIP is still affiliated nationally with the America’s Party. The America’s Party nominee for President, decided back in February, is Tom Hoefling.

It’s just one of those things; the America’s Party nominee (Hoefling) will appear on the ballot in California and nowhere else and the Constitution Party’s nominee (Goode) will appear everywhere else.

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