State Senator Warren Chase (1813-1891)

Today, an email from Richard Dungar shed a little more light on State Senator Warren Chase. Chase has been a little-known legislator, coming from the 1870-1886 blind spot (which saw the combination of very high legislator turn-over combined with few recorded biographic details). What we learned about Chase today was that he served in the 1846 and 1847 Wisconsin Constitutional Convention (other delegates to the 1846 Convention included future California legislators Ninian Whiteside, Elijah Steele, and James R. Vineyard).

Chase was elected to the Wisconsin State Senate in 1848 and was a founder of Ripon College in 1851. He served as a California State Senator in the 1880 Session, and lost a congressional race in 1882. A wanderer, Chase died at age 78 in Illinois.

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